Welcome! I am glad you are here and reflect upon you full my love and light.

Let’s get real now. I believe that we are spiritual beings living a human existence—that we have all been given a purpose, a design, a spiritual blueprint. It is literally about what you were born to do. Living in this framework has the power to change the world—especially when a critical mass wakes up and joins in.

The question is, how do you tune into your spiritual blueprint? And what is standing in the way of you knowing the sweet heavenly truth about who you are? 

Many of us act out of false beliefs about ourselves—history, myths and ways of being in the world inherited from birth or picked up along the way through trauma. It’s not your fault—you weren’t conscious of it. Maybe you weren’t aware of that belief’s poison and didn’t think to ask why you continuously drank it. Maybe you knew it wasn’t true but didn’t know how to stop acting from it. 

Away from the myths’ power, you can hear better. Your truth is calling you. You have a choice. Do you want to live in your design or do you want to continue to live out history?

When you choose to align to your design, it doesn’t end there. You strive to uproot your myths and cease participating in them, while uncovering the truth about who you are. But then what does your life look like? Now that you KNOW what you are and what you are not, what do you DO? How do you live from your design? What patterns of action, choices, and behaviors—I’m talking about routines, food, relationships, career, movement, and so on—need to crystalize to support you? How do you ensure that your actions reflect your true self and not a mythological one? 

This is what my coaching program seeks to unravel. It’s both intuitive and pragmatic, combining our need to connect our inner world of spirit with our external material environment. The more aligned these two realities are, the more fulfilled and at peace we will be. 



What is mirroring?

To be “mirrored” is to feel your highest self reflected back to you. You can be mirrored by people, places, work, art, music, nature—even the clothes on your back, even the food you eat. Whenever you feel supported to be your best, most evolved/evolving self, you are being mirrored. Some people experience mirroring as feeling light and free in their body, while others describe it as feeling at peace. 

And you can mirror others—in so doing, you are present without judgement, prejudice, or negative thoughts about the person. You see them—and reflect back to them—in the affirmative (i.e., what they are, instead of what they are not) while allowing them to evolve as they see fit.

In my coaching program, I mirror you. I see you and I reflect back your truth.

Your Thought is Your Reality. Whose reality are you living?

The basis of my coaching is rooted in our need to evolve, rather than follow history. At any moment in time, we are either: 

  • unconsciously perpetuating history, staying in survival mode, listening to a voice than strives to maintain the power structures of the status quo, OR

  • living from our spiritual blueprint, evolving our higher selves, listening to our OWN voice coming from our unique design and its inherent reality

The goal in my coaching program is to uncover these voices, using a simple yet efficient process. The purpose is to help you discern between the two, so you can be aware of who is driving in any given moment, and make the conscious effort to listen to your voice alone, so as to see your design clearly and move towards actualizing it in this world.  


Your Body as the Vehicle

In my coaching program, we take a holistic view of the body. The body is a vehicle—it is our temple, our house, and we must treat it accordingly. There is also a special connection between the spirit and body, and though we may try to subvert it, the body has influence over our design. The body can either work with us or against us—my coaching program aims to get it to work with us.

This holistic view of the body is understood in 4 key ways:

1. Discover your historical perceptions of your body and how they relate to the way you have been treating it thus far.

2. Discover how food impacts your body chemistry on all levels and specify what foods nourish or diminish your system. 

3. Discover ways to calm your nervous system and stress response so you can hear your own voice instead of constantly being in “flight-or-flight” survival mode.  

4. Discover how to honor your sacred temple and treat it with respect, such as clothing, exercise, and so on.  

The purpose of uncovering this information is so that you know what mirrors you—that way, when you forget who you are, you have an inventory of how to get back to your self. This is the beginning of being one with the earth and in harmony with nature. Our body came from the earth and will return to the earth; while we are here, we can live in total harmony.

Routines, Habits, Patterns

The Dali Lama once said that the secret to happiness is routine—in this way, we are not having to reinvent the proverbial wheel on a daily basis. So instead of awakening each day and wondering what to do with ourselves—which is exhausting and not fruitful—we can relax into established, vetted routines, rituals, relationships, patterns, etc. that support us in our design. In other words, we are setting up physical and action systems that mirror us as we go about our days.

In my coaching program, I help you identify action steps that support you in establishing the routines that mirror you. Depending on your needs, this could be as simple as uncovering one new step to put yourself in alignment with your design (small, precisely aligned actions can have huge ramifications over time!), or it can be as large as creating a 5-year plan for your life. Either way, it will be a dynamic process of discovering and testing ideas, consolidating steps, refining processes, and reflecting on growth and forward movement. 

The art of developing these patterns is a process. Through experimentation, we find what works for us. These patterns eventually become second nature and require little thought at all—allowing us to relax into our design and reap its fruit.

Look, spirituality was not meant to stay on the mountaintop, nor is life meant to be devoid of spiritual truth. Life and spirit must co-exist. To be spiritual means to be fully human, engaging in this world and constantly seeking to evolve it.

The best way to practice such a life is to focus on your true self, knowing that by bearing fruit within your own design, you are being of great service to the world. And I am here to help you do that. LOVE!



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