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Health Care


Dr. Sarah Deam- amazing Chiropractor, located in Cap Hill.  

Massage Therapists 

Taylor Azar LMP - 

Other Acupuncturists

Mariko Fujita- Beacon Hill:  BEAM Acupuncture Clinic 

Ryan Law of Gentle Point Clinic- Belltown:

Tripat Singh- Columbia City:  Sangat Medicine 

David McGraw-Columbia City: Columbia City Acupuncture 

Nan Schwarz- Capitol Hill:

Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine Teaching Clinic- Georgetown:

Xander Kahn- West Seattle:

Andrea Russell- West Seattle:

Visceral Manipulation Specialists 

Taylor Azar LMP:

Wilson Shook LMP:

Mental Health Therapists

South Seattle Counseling

Somatic Body Workers

Stacy Torres - Everyday Medicine

The Oneness Model

Julie Walker- my mentor, medical intuitive and friend. Creator of The Oneness Model Guide


Most of us carry some false beliefs about who we believe we are, who we are meant to be or become, and who we are not. The same beliefs hold true in our assessments of those we encounter in and around us in life. These are part of a collection of beliefs we term "core lore", and the Oneness Model books and workshops are a way to help us see these in ourselves, and in others, so that we might eliminate what is false, and restore what is simple truth.

Oneness Model

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping (EFT)


  1. Find sore spot on chest- mid length of clavicle drop down onto pec, find a sore spot

  2. Recite an affirmation. Here is one provided for you: Even though I have anxiety (or x symptom or condition), I am truly and deeply committed to myself

  3. Tapping: Tap with your index and middle finger a few times at each of these spots and in this order: under eye- collar bone- under arm- collar bone- little finger- collar bone.

  4. The 9 gamuts: tap on the back of the hand between 4th and 5th digit AND do the following: open eyes, close eyes, look hard down right, look hard down left, rotate eyes in one direction, rotate in the other direction, hum a tune (like birthday song or twinkle twinkle, can be anything) count 1-5, hum a tune.

  5. Check back in with level of anxiety. If below 2, tap the 9 gamut spot on back of hand look to the sky and then down the ground.

for information and explanation of the 9 gamuts

Gyms, Fitness Centers, Martial Arts Facilities 

Taoist Studies Institute (TSI)-

International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy- 

Foundation Crossfit - CrossFit, Weightlifting, Kettlebell class, HellaFit (HIIT) class, yoga, and more!  Did my foundations class for crossfit here back in 2014 and trained in Olympic-style weightlifting and Strength training for over a year.  Plan on going back in 2017, with a lingering desire to compete in local (and hopefully national) weightlifting competitions.  All coaches here are incredible, especially head coach and co-owner, Andrew Bueno.  This gym is one of the best around. 

West Seattle Health Club - where I keep a regular membership when I want to run, swim, sauna, sweat, hot tub it, etc.  Great atmosphere, with reasonable gym fees. There's even a women's only floor for those that need it.  

Angela Pham, Personal Trainer out of 24hr Fitness, Issaquah- She's rad. Has a great understanding of diet and nutrition, with a huge knowledge base in order to help folks reach their fitness goals, whatever they may be. 

Rockit Crossfit- If I wasn't at FCF, I would be going here, no doubt about it. CrossFit, Oly-style Weightlifting, Yoga, and more with an equally great coaching team and friendly community.  

Paleo, Protein, Meats and Veggie Links

Im a HUGE  promotor of the need for everyone to eat large amounts of protein.  I'm talking at least 80-100grams to START, half your body weight to all your body weight in grams for quite a few of you, depending on your daily level of output.  

If you want to know why, come get a treatment from me and I will tell you why. If you are already a patient, you would have heard my speech by now.  Animal proteins preferred, but for all you vegans, there is a link for you too.  No matter how you eat, EVERYONE needs more protein than they think they do.

Robb Wolf guide to paleo

Mark's Daily Apple

Whole 30- Did Whole30 for the first time this year (2016), in the months of February and March and I've got to say it kind of changed my life.  It helped me become more aware of how I emotionally eat, got my digestive system back on track, and gave me so much energy.  Dropping 15lbs wasn't bad either.  I will say my level of success in keeping consistent had a lot to do with the fact that I did it with 6 other people. We food prepped together a lot of times, had a facebook message group where we checked in throughout the day, and helped each other stay accountable. 

Nom Nom Paleo- where I get a lot of my recipes, particularly the Kalua Pig, which I've perfected and got people assuming its a secret family recipe. Nope, nom nom paleo gets all the credit :)  She makes paleo-eating NOT BORING.   

No Meat Athlete: 5 Warning Signs You Aren't Getting Enough Protein 

Books and Other Publications

1. Non Violent Communication

2. Women Who Run With the Wolves

3. The Body Keeps the Score

4. The Law of Divine Compensation 

5. Pedagogy of The Oppressed 

6. Glimmer

7. The Kon Mari Method- The Magical Art of Tidying Up 

8. My Grandmother’s Hands

9. Why We are Fat and What to Do About it and The Case Against Sugar


Protein Powders: Vega One, Garden of Life RAW Protein, Orgain Organic Protein, Gnarly Protein 

Protein Bars: Think Thin, Epic bars.  

Dharma Wheel

Pacific Herb and Grocery: Zheng Gu Shui and other Chinese topical lotions and liniments