Women's Health and Pain

It is rare for me to find a health practitioner that I can trust.  Someone who I feel hears my issues and addresses them in a respectful and helpful manner.  I found that in Kirby.  

My first appointment with Kirby was to address a searing pain that was running from my shoulder, down my back and arm, as a result of my very physical daily job.  An injury that had been preventing me from fully doing my job, making it hard to do even daily tasks!  After just 2 acupuncture sessions I was relieved from pain. 

I continued to see Kirby for help with my menstrual cycle.  Since I first had my period, every month I would have terrible cramps, flu like symptoms, stomach pains as well as emotional swings.  Doctors in the past had put me on birth control just to try and control and lessen the hormones; but this didn’t seem to help solve my problems.  After working with Kirby, my once debilitating cramps have significantly lessened, and my other symptoms have almost entirely gone away.  She even gave me advice on my diet and foods that might provide more sustaining energy for me throughout my day.  Advice that I readily accepted and have noticed a change in my ability to perform effectively in my job and in my life.

I still work with Kirby after several months now, because I find the co-healing process of acupuncture to be very therapeutic.  It provides me with a way of checking in with my body, feeling where my weaknesses are, and rejuvenating and revitalizing myself in a way I have never found before.  Through acupuncture it is easy to feel how deeply connected everything is.  Kirby provides a safe, open and comfortable atmosphere allowing patients to feel at ease.  Her knowledge of acupuncture and eastern healing provides a wide breadth of techniques to treat patients.  I highly recommend Kirby, from searing pain to cramps to easing stress, I am confident that Kirby can help you too. 

 Sports-Related Muscle Pain

"I had [Plantar Fasciitis] for a while, mostly triggered by playing soccer in cleats, but got to the point where it would hurt all day. I tried resting and getting insoles, but it didn't help much. I went and saw Kirby for acupuncture up on beacon hill, she recommended getting rid of the insoles and eating more protein. After 1 freakin appointment and following her advise, the problem was pretty much completely gone! I haven't had an issue for a long time now. I would HIGHLY recommend going to see her!! It may not be as quick of a fix as it was for me, but I bet it would be very helpful." -CE

Women's Health

"I have a personal testimony on the use of Acupuncture for PCOS symptoms... I began seeing Kirby at House of Teuila in July. She began treating me for my PCOS symptoms, one of which is utter lack of periods. I can go 1 yr + without one. As of today I have had 3 solid months of periods that come on their own, I am not bloated, I don't crave sugar, the brain fog is minimal, my skin has cleared up and my moods are consistent. I highly suggest looking into acupuncture, ladies!" -MD

Work-Related Injury

"I'm a 69 year old man who fell off a moving truck in late April. By the time, three weeks later, I went to the V.A. emergency room, I could not walk without a limp and intense pain. After x-rays and an MRI, the ER doc said it was the most badly sprained knee she had ever seen. In mid-June, despite anti-inflammatorys, a cane, and a brace, walking more than 1/.4 mile was excruciating. (and this is a person who finished a basketball game with broken nose and climbed out of a hole in the cascades after falling 40Ft rock climbing with two broken ankles).

In the third week of June, I went to Kirby. Within 3 weeks, the swelling and the cane were gone. After another week, the pain medication was unnecessary, and last week, 7 weeks into the acupuncture treatment, I played golf for the first time in 4 months.  I would recommend Kirby to anyone suffering pain originating from chronic complaints or the kind of pain I suffered from a physical accident. I am living proof acupuncture works at House of Teuila." - DW