The Tools and Protocols Used

Acupuncture Needles 

 Hair thin, sterile “filiform” needles are inserted in the body at specific points of entry to facilitate the process of optimal healing.

Auricular Acupuncture & NADA Detox Treatments

Ear acupuncture was developed by a French M.D. Paul Nogier. After he noticed some of his patients having burn scars on their ears. Upon investigation he discovered there was a practice around burning the ear to reduce sciatica pain. Dr. Nogier became interested in the phenomenon and over 15 years mapped the ear to show its relation to the different organs in the body.


Auriculo-Therapy includes acupuncture locally, ear tacks, acupressure, light therapy, and ear seeds for continued stimulation.

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NADA Detox treatments were developed in the South Bronx Lincoln hospital. A NADA treatment is a 5 needle protocol in the ear that has shown to be extremely effective at reducing cravings and anxiety when used with other complementary forms of treatment (i.e. counseling and medication.)

Since its inception the 5 needle protocol has been used to treat emotional disturbances, PTSD, for smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, and pain.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicines are used to strengthen, build, and support the body or to clear it of excesses. Ancient herbal information was gathered, compiled, formulated, tested, and handed down from generation to generation. That ancient knowledge has been combined with the latest pharmacological and clinical research to ensure its safety and efficacy and as such practitioners of Chinese medicine continue to prescribe herbal formulas because they work extremely well.

Individual herbs are combined in order to enhance their actions and effects upon the body. When combined, a unique synergistic formula is created. This combination increases the benefits of a particular formula, and minimizes any harmful side effects. The art and skill of creating a formula lies within choosing the precise and most effective herbs that target an individuals disharmony. It is important to work with a qualified herbalist who can prescribe the correct formula, monitor progress and adjust it as needed. In order to create the most effective formula the herbs are used in different quantities and for different purposes. This allows the practitioner to create a formula aimed at addressing your needs.

Tuina Massage, Cupping,

and Gua-sha

Tui-Na literally translates to push-grasp. It is the massage technique to help move and circulate Qi in the body. Tui-Na is particularly helpful with muscoloskeletal issues and is usually used in conjunction with acupuncture.
Cupping is the use of glass suction cups to move qi and blood that is stuck in the surface layer of the body. Although it can leave 'bruises' the technique itself is often relaxing and feels very releasing. 

Direct and Indirect Moxa

Liniments, Lotions, and Plasters

Acupuncture can treat a wide variety of diseases.

Together, along with your MD, Naturopath, or other health care practitioners,

a life abundant in health can be achieved.